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The treatment

Learn how fluorescent light energy (FLE) stimulates the skin’s own rejuvenation process 

Ageing is inevitable, but skin doesn’t have to become dull and lifeless as time goes by.
Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation reduces pore size, fine lines, and the appearance of scarring1-11. With a collagen boost of up to 400%6 it leaves the skin revitalized, firm, and glowing2,6,7

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Healthy skin no matter the age

Ageing is not a disease; it is part of life. Growing old is inevitable, and studies show that people lose 1% of collagen every year after reaching adulthood13,14
There are also many external factors that can affect the quality of the skin, like smoking, diet, sun damage…15
Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation improves the overall skin texture, while also inducing a natural "glow" characteristic of young and healthy skin2,6,7. With fluorescent light energy (FLE), you can stimulate the skin’s own repair mechanisms while inducing the collagen production to obtain healthy skin no matter the age1-11.

Stimulate the skin’s own rejuvenation process

Studies with Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation show that this gentle, yet effective and non-destructive treatment works by stimulating the skin’s own repair mechanisms1-11. The treatment reduces pore size, fine lines, and the appearance of scarring1-7. With a collagen boost of up to 400% it leaves the skin revitalised, firm, and glowing1,6,7.
The treatment has been shown to continue improving  skin quality even after the course of treatment has been completed1-11

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Documented collagen increase1,6

In vitro studies show a significant up-regulation of 400% of collagen production after applying Kleresca® to human fibroblasts, which has also been confirmed from biopsies taken during a clinical trial.

The treatment improves the overall skin texture without causing any trauma1-11. Nothing added, just skin at its best.

How the treatment is performed12

The three-step treatment is described as a pleasant experience. It only takes nine minutes under the lamp. With little to no downtime, even make-up can be applied immediately after each session. 

1. The skin is cleaned and Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation gel is applied.

2. The gel is illuminated for nine minutes using the Kleresca® Light, together creating fluorescent light energy (FLE) that stimulates the skin.

3. The gel is removed and the skin is cleaned and moisturised. Even make-up can be applied afterwards.

What areas can be treated?12


Décolletage and neck


Discover the opinion of patients treated with Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation and their feeling after the treatment: 

"I must say that I’m really very happy with the results. My skin is more radiant and I no longer have enlarged pores."


See real patients results

Gentle, non-destructive, and effective1-11

Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation has a high safety profile. 
Side effects – seen in some patients – are all non-permanent and may include: 
redness, swelling and hyperpigmentation (bronzing of an area of the skin).
Side effects impact patients differently depending on skin type.
Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation is not recommended in the following situations: 
1. Patients taking drugs or products (e.g. retinoids) or with conditions (e.g. porphyria) known to induce photosensitive reaction. 
2. Patients with known skin hypersensitivity.

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