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The difference is fluorescent

Non-destructive, non-systemic, and painless

Kleresca® is currently exploring the fluorescent light energy (FLE) technology with a focus on developing more non-invasive treatments for a number of skin conditions. 
The treatment is based on the interaction between a specially designed gel and the Kleresca® Light5,6,15
Chromophores in the gel convert the blue light from the lamp into fluorescent light energy (FLE), that penetrates the skin and stimulates it at a cellular level5,6,15-19.

How does it work?

The Kleresca® mode of action is based on the photophysic actions between the Kleresca® photoconverter gel and the blue light from Kleresca®, having an effect on the epidermis and the dermis of the skin.
The photoconverter gel facilitates the conversion of the blue light wavelengths from the Kleresca® lamp into fluorescent light energy. These wavelengths have the capacity to penetrate to various depths of the skin and to stimulate the skin tissues and cells3.

The photoconverter gel absorbs blue light from Kleresca® Light

The chromophores convert this into fluorescent light energy

Photobiomodulation is initiated – stimulating the skin at the cellular level

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Visualising our technology

 - see how it stimulates the skin’s own repair systems

Effective for inflammatory and aesthetic conditions

Gel preparation is quick, only requiring mixing contents of two jars.

"Patients expressed satisfaction from the very first session, because they observed an immediate improvement in the appearance of their skin. Then, as the sessions continued, the improvements became ever more apparent."

Dermatologist, Italy

How the Kleresca® biophotonic treatment works

Kleresca® is a breakthrough biophotonic treatment which can be performed by your clinician. Treatment with Kleresca® offers high safety and efficacy. 

The technology explained

The Kleresca® biophotonic system consists of a patented, multi-LED Kleresca® lamp designed with specific, pre-programmed wavelength settings and a specially formulated photoconverter gel. Chromophores in the gel convert the light spectrum from the lamp into the dynamic, pulsing fluorescent energy that stimulates the skin's cellular repair mechanisms3.

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