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A unique treatment using fluorescent light energy

Learn about the treatment and the science behind Kleresca® Acne Treatment and discover what a treatment involves

How the treatment works

Kleresca® Acne Treatment offers you a non-invasive biophotonic treatment using fluorescent light energy to stimulate your skin’s own repair mechanisms.

The treatment is based on a new mode of action in the field of dermatology care, generating fluorescent light energy stimulating cellular function leading to long-lasting beneficial clinical effects.

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Multi action treatment

Kleresca® Acne Treatment works by not only addressing several factors responsible for causing acne but also by reducing the signs of scarring: 

Killing the bacteria responsible of acne P. acnes
Reducing inflammation
Normalising cellular activity
Reducing signs of scarring by increasing the build-up of collagen 


How the treatment is performed

Kleresca® Acne Treatment is designed with your needs in mind, offering you a pleasant and comfortable treatment with high-efficacy and little to no downtime.

1. The skin is cleaned and Kleresca® Acne Treatment gel is applied.

2. The gel is illuminated for nine minutes using the multi-LED Kleresca® lamp; fluorescent light energy is created stimulating the skin’s own repair mechanisms.

3. The gel is removed and the skin is cleansed and moisturised.

Long–lasting effects

You should see noticeable improvements to your skin as the deeper layers respond and skin repairing occurs during the treatment course, normally between week 4 and 6.

After finishing the treatment, the already normalised skin continues working and you can expect to see additional improvements to your complexion.

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Who is it for?

Kleresca® Acne Treatment offers high efficacy for patients suffering from acne, especially with inflammatory lesions, even moderate to severe cases. It can be applied on or to different affected areas of the body that suffer from acne, like the face, back and chest. 

To start the treatment, you should schedule a consultation at a Kleresca® clinic. Your dermatologist or clinician will determine whether treatment with Kleresca® Acne Treatment is right for you.   

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Expert results

Results have been seen to have long-lasting effect. In clinical trials, Kleresca® showed high efficacy especially on people with inflammatory moderate to severe acne. 

- 9 out of 10 saw improvements of at least 1 IGA* grade or more
- More than half of patients saw ≥ 2 IGA grades improvement of their acne
- 1 out of 3 reached clear or almost clear skin

*Learn more about the IGA scale for acne severity

Safety information

The Kleresca® Acne Treatment takes place on your skin and is not absorbed or metabolised, making it a well-tolerated treatment option for acne.
In clinical trials, Kleresca® Acne Treatment showed high safety with no serious adverse events, and the treatment itself was considered to be a pleasant and comfortable experience. Side effects seen in those treated include, redness, hyperpigmentation (bronzing of an area of the skin) and slight discoloration of hair in some cases where the gel was applied covering facial hair. All side effects were transient and did not require any intervention by the clinic.
Side effects impact patients differently depending on the skin type so we always recommend talking to your clinician before beginning the treatment.
Kleresca® Acne Treatment is not recommended in the following situations:
1. Patients taking drugs or products (e.g. retinoids) or with conditions (e.g. porphyria) known to induce photosensitive reaction.
2. Patients with known skin hypersensitivity.

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