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Summertime with Kleresca®

Imagine that you could stimulate your skin to repair itself

A non-invasive treatment, all summer long

Kleresca® biophotonic treatments are generally gentle and comfortable. 
Being non-invasive, there is no destruction or removal of the skin’s natural barriers. The gel used during the treatment is not absorbed by the skin, so no substance in it can induce a photosensitive reaction. Therefore, heat and sun-exposure characteristics of summertime won’t cause any detrimental reactions, making Kleresca® a treatment suitable for all seasons.
We offer treatments for therapeutic and aesthetic conditions that are designed to target your specific dermatological needs.

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Acne Stories

Acne is more than a skin disorder. 
Acne is also life stories, ambitious journeys, myths and facts.
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"You would just lie down for about 9 minutes, and I like to just close my eyes 'cause the light is quite warm, and PRETEND THAT I'M IN BALI OR COSTA RICA, OR JUST ENJOY THE SUN."

Introducing Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment

The difference is in the fluorescence! Discover a non-invasive treatment designed to target rosacea signs and symptoms.

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